The land of passes, Ladakh is probably not the first choice of a travel destination in the winters and you can easily understand why. We will not bore you with cliche explanations of high altitude and -10 to – 30-degree Celsius temperature. If you are going to Ladakh in the winter, you are amazingly brave

It’s become quite a cliche these days for anyone or any bikers club within India and outside to shout Ladakh. Why not? Afterall it has arguably got the world’s highest motorable road. That’s all very nice, thank you, but that’s not all. Here are 5 not so popular facts about Ladakh. (In comparison to its

Ladakh is not without its share of natural, visual marvels and lakes are a big part of its humbling landscapes. Within the modest landmass it occupies, the Cold Desert of Kashmir has 3 beautiful lakes – Pangong Tso Lake, Tsomoriri Lake and Tsokar Lake – each more awe inspiring than the other. In fact, not