10 Best Adventure Activities in Leh Ladakh India

Ladakh Adventure Activities

Ladakh Adventure Activities 

Ladakh, famous for its living heritage of Buddhism, barren but beautiful landscapes, lofty mountains and culture heritage is also a haven for adventure lovers. Ladakh offers many adventure activities like water rafting, mountain climbing, cycling, motorcycling, and camel and jeep safaris. Every year, scores of trekkers from all over the world visit ladakh for a unique experience of trekking in the barren mountains and being on the roof top of the world.

Here are some of the best 10 adventure activities in Ladakh:

River Rafting in Ladakh

Nothing comes closer to rafting in the waters of the Indus and Zanskar rivers. Near Leh, Rafting option in Indus river are available near Spituk saspol, Alchi and Nimmu in the water of the Zanskar river. It is always better to get prior booking for rafting in Leh. Almost all tour operators in Leh organize river rafting, which is also available in Nubra valley in Shayok river.

Mountain Climbing in Ladakh

Ladakh is considered to be a paradise for mountainclimbing, with so many beautiful mountains and peaks to explore, the challenging and highest peaks are Mt. Nun (7,135m) and Mt. Kun (7,090m) in the Great Himalayan Range. There majestic peaks can be seen from Parkachik village on the Kargil-Padum road. Climbing these peaks requires both professional skill and proper training.

Essentials to carry while climbing in Ladakh

  1. Compass 
  2. Fire starter 
  3. Extra food 
  4. First aid kit
  5.  Sunscreen lotion   
  6. Sunglasses with UV coating
  7. Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries
  8. Knife or multi-purpose camp tool/rescue tool
  9. Proper clothing like T-Shirts for the day and jackets for the evening
  10. Suffcient water, water filter or water purifier.

Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Chadar Trek in Ladakh

While you are vacationing in Ladakh, Chadar trek is something which you would not want to miss. Considered to be one of the most interesting treks in the world, thousands of people travel to Ladakh to enjoy this amazing trek. After all what could be more fascinating then trekking on a thin sheet of ice? Chadar trek is one of the popular winter treks in Ladakh.

‘Chadar’ refers to the blanket or sheet of the rivers as the River Zanskar transforms itself from a rapid river into a blanket of ice during the winters. Chadar can be best enjoyed during the winters. This time is the best for the trekkers and the adventurer who dare to take some exciting challenges and also enjoy the mountains.  Offering some of the stunning sights Chadar trek is one of the most preferred treks in the world. So this time don’t miss your chance to try this amazing trek in Ladakh.

Camping in Ladakh

Camping in Ladakh

Imagine a quite night under the blinking stars upon you shining bright, Sound’s fun right? Well then make it all real while camping at the top of the mountains in Ladakh. This is another adventurous activity which is becoming a favorite.  Located at an average altitude of 11500 ft above sea level, Ladakh is the perfect getaway from the oppressive heat of the plains. Camping in Ladakh is an ideal wayto get close with nature and explore its beauty.

As Ladakh is already known for its majestic beauty, camping lets you explore this place to its core. Whether you are under the clear blue sky or the dazzling night sky, you will totally end up in an alternate world away from the busy life. Spend some time in the bosom of nature while camping in Ladakh.

Camel Safari in Ladakh

How amusing it is to try out the camel ride on the sand dunes amidst the mountains. It’s like a dream coming true when you have to enjoy yourself to the fullest while traveling across the mountains on the back of a camel. You can get this adventure at Hunder in Ladakh and can make yourself a comfortable one.

Playing Polo in Ladakh

One of the most popular sport that one can usually play on the Leh Polo ground. Over the Zanskari ponies with 6 men in a team riding across the ground is a great sight both for the onlookers as well as the players. During the Ladakh festival a lot of tournaments are also organized for the tourists.

The Kora Pangong Camp in Ladakh

Located close to the beautiful Pangong Lake, the Kora Pangong camp provides an elite camping experiencing to its visitors. The camp features well-maintained tents with an elegant décor. Not only are there double beds provided inside the tents, there are also washrooms attached to each, with all the essential amenities provided for. The services provided by the camp are also amongst the best- friendly managers make staying here a great experience. The camp is located far from the crowded touristic areas which makes it a perfect place where you can enjoy the best of Ladakh’s majestic natural landscape. The landscape around this camp is one of the most fascinating in Ladakh- sweeping plains surrounded by endless snow peaks, with a mantle of blue overhead. Staying at this camp is certain to be a memorable experience.

Camp Blue Waters in Ladakh

A camp made up of 15 appealing Swiss Cottage Tents overlooking the glacial Pangong lake, Camp Blue Waters is a perfect camping destination for people who want to experience the best of Ladakh’s natural beauty. This camp gives its visitors a chance to enjoy the magnificence of the region around Pangong Tso in utter peace and solitude. Camping on the banks of the Pangong lake with the clear waters and cool winds for a company in a memorable experience only to be rivalled by the experience of enjoying a crackling bonfire under a starry sky on a chilly night around Pangong Tso. The camp is staffed by locals who understand the lay of the land and will, therefore, be able to provide you with all the specialised services the high altitude of Pangong Tso requires. The tents in the camp are well furnished and come with attached bathrooms, which means that you will not need to compromise on comfort whilst enjoying a camping experience in Ladakh.

Try out the Adventure of Archery in Ladakh

Being one of the traditional sport of Leh and Ladakh, there are lot of archery contests that are held in various villages that one cross by during the trip. As a tourist and adventure enthusiast you are able to get the glimpse as well as your hand over singing, dancing, carousing as well as getting into the cultural regime of the people of Ladakh.

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