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Snow Adventure Ladakh

Natural beauty in Ladakh is spread in the racket. From there, how much beauty and joy you can bring in your heart, it depends on your ability and vision.

Exciting travel

Since the airport has been built for Leh and the road from Leh to Manali is open, the number of tourists going to Ladakh has increased drastically. Earlier, this area was not quite convenient for tourists, and only those traveling through trekking and adventurous journeys could get limited comfort by reaching the Yen-Ken-Scan through their means. But now everything has become easy. Most tourists travel to Srinagar, Chandigarh or Delhi directly to Leh but those who believe in thrilling trips and those who want to enjoy the beauty of the beauty of nature, there is no other alternative than the best road.

First Stop

The first significant stop comes from Manali to Rohtang. There is a bus station in the desert. There are small shops. Vegetables, eggs, biscuits, snacks sold all at once. Rohtang and Baralacha-La are located in between the two rivers, this small hill town. The hills of Kelong are seen all around and it seems as if they are settled at the tops of the peaks, this little Kylong.

After a breakfast of about two and a half hours, the bus runs at full speed. The driver has got double the urge and as soon as the people get stomach in their stomach, their face is full of joy.

It is the joy of crossing Rohtang’s inaccessible passage or the result of the calmness of the stomach is likely to have a combination of both. Now all the people have been more busy at the bus.

Inaccessible Route

Perhaps the remote paths like Leh are not all over the world. There are five passes like Manali to Leh, in which there is a pass that has the distinction of being the highest pass in the world and the road situated on it is also called the highest road in the world, passing through these pathways it seems like we Part of a snake-laden game A few steps from the ladder – we walked high up a thousand thousand feet and as soon as we got up, we snatched a snake and we fell down several thousand feet. Then the ladder – the snake and the climbing of thousands of feet – unloading. But the natural beauty between this climbing and unloading is wonderful. Traveling in the mountains, greenery, snow, trees, cliffs, mountain peaks, valleys, bus looks like many paintings are running from behind in the window as innumerable paintings.

Which is the better route to Ladakh

There are two roads by road to Leh – one from Manali and the other from Srinagar. If these two routes are compared, it would be impossible to decide which path will add to the heart and heart more.

There is a fundamental difference between the routes of Manali and Srinagar. While on the one hand, halfway by way of Srinagar-Leh route and then the same way, Manali-Leh route is full of a jigsaw form and is full of inaccessible and adventures. This aspect of Manali-Leh attracts a lot of adventure-like travelers and tourists. This route is especially popular among the foreigners. Tourists who love adventure love to take this route from their vehicle to enjoy themselves. Especially for evening travel, many clubs in the world have also built some clubs for this, which will give you full support in this regard. These clubs have so many detailed maps of this path that you will be able to tell the address of dhabas, tea stalls and water points besides scenic points.


Best Time to Visit Ladakh

So they start to go from Leh to Salani March around the world, but the exact time to visit here is between June and September. In Ladakh, people live in less than zero temperatures during the half year of the year, but in July-August, the temperature in Leh goes up so that people reach the doctor with the complaint of Sunburn. There is so much disparity in temperature in these days that a saying has become about that if a person is sitting in Leh spreading his legs in the open, then it is quite possible that at that same time, that person’s feet will be dewy Be sure to beat the back from the sun.

Ladakh Festival

Ladderhi festival posters are engaged in many places in the market. The 15-day long festival is held every year in place in whole of Ladakh in the first fortnight of September. We had also chosen these days of coming to Leh due to this reason that we could also enjoy the Ladakhi Festival. On this occasion, various programs are organized in place throughout the district for 15 days. This event was being held near the market today and we thought that to see it also.

Ladakh Music

Ladakhi has its own pace of music and the fast place in it is almost non-existent. Songs are also slow and unlike Bhangra, there is no place for bounce and glee. These songs often speak of heroic stories and ethics. Mask-dance is mainly dance of monks. It seems that for the long snowy months, they would have created this dance to bring color. An archery competition is also organized after mask dance. Archery is actually popular among Ladakhis and it is considered as the right thing to entertain.

Japanese Temple

Returning from Fiang, we also went to see a Japanese temple built in the eastern part of Leh. This temple was built by the Japanese in the twentieth century. This high-rise temple has a panoramic view of the eastern part of Leh, very beautiful. This area of ​​Leh is less dense, hence the houses are spread far and the greenery is more. In fact, our next few days have spent seeing Leh and the monasteries surrounding it. Maths are very here and each monastery has different qualities.

Have a lot to see

Leh is not monotonous in any way. If you get tired of looking at the peaks of the sky, clouds and mountains, then the monastery can roam or move towards the whole market. By spending a day’s visit you can assimilate yourself to the extent of the unique beauty of the Pengang lake of the Zanskar valley. If you want to see the murking snow and the superhuman beauty of the bright moonlight, the month of April or May will be the best for Leh – and if you want to touch the blue sky between the bright sunshine, then from June to September you will find a dreamer Chandlok Will enjoy In Leh migration, how much beauty and joy can you bring in your mind and heart, it depends on your own ability and vision.


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