Allian and Jacob

Dear Sonam,


I have not written you for some time, but I never forget the beautiful experience of 2009 with you and your staff as well as the pleasant ascent of Stok kangri.

I hope you’re well: I often have news from you from the people of Ticino who are coming to see you. Tomorrow will come the group with Giovanna and Nicola who lives near my house. I allowed myself to surrender their 4 packages that you will be taken to deliver them to Mara Casella for school. Mara is informed of this: I’m sure you will get in touch together.

Thank you. I have a great desire to return to Leh: never lose hope!

In the meantime I wish you all good and healthy but also a good experience with newcomers who arrive tomorrow.

I send you the best greetings.

Allian and Jacob